Special Meal

TiS using its in house Industrial Kitchens and business partners can create special dietary meals that can cater for most markets. TiS is an industry revolutionary (IR4.0), AI, IoT, O2O and cloud based food and beverage provider. TiS have food technicians that can engineer our meals, we have chefs to design our menu recipes and we have dietitian at hospital, industry and educational levels to monitor the integrity of these special meals. TiS can trace, track and insure integrity for all our F&B products through our systems from farm, ocean, and factory to your fork. Today’s F&B with tomorrow’s technology

Dietary Meals

What are dietary meals? Well the answer to that will come from the person requiring a special diet I.e.;

  1. Normal & healthy groups of people between the ages 15 and above that like consuming meals balanced in calories and nutrition for their daily intake.
  2. Kids between the ages of 6 to 15 that require nourishing meals to build their strength and body mass. Kids that have special conditions that require healthy and nourishing meals that is soft in texture and liquid form for special cases.
  3. Chronic patients with persisting, long term and recurring medical diet meals. These special groups of people will get special meal arrange while in hospital by the clinical dietitian and doctor. TiS come in when these patients are discharged and sent home. With our team of qualified experts we can cater for the needs of these patient once they are back home and maintain their special diet needs.
  4. TiS together with our business partners can also arrange through or IoT, nursing services, Dietitian service and meal care services all the by just registering with our service. Heading into 2021 we might look at chronic patient care with doctor home call service through our IoT and AI services.

Homecare / AgedCARE Meals

Home care and Age care is becoming realty in most family environment’s as 40% of the Malaysian public are heading into the golden aged group. Home and Age care doesn’t mean food and beverage that has no flavour, nourishment and nutrition to build these groups immune systems. Each one of us has different needs. We at TiS are working with our team of experts to give everyone a chance to order what they like and can consume without affecting their health

Healthy Lifestyle Meals

Healthy lifestyle is a term used in an industry that has a need for food & beverage that is nourishing and nutrition in facts attached to them. These are groups of people that are always on the go high performers, groups at the gym requiring protein, carbohydrates and other minerals for their body or mussel building. Highly tuned athletes and people that feel that they would like to know what they are consuming and where it came from (natural & organic products). TiS as the industry leader has AI, IoT and resources from farm, ocean to your body and immune system that can be monitored using our IR4.0 systems which will guarantee the integrity, originality with all its food and beverage processing and religious accreditation. TiS through is IR4.0 is heading to create a healthier future with integrity and traceability

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