Industrial 4.0 for food service industry

About Timbre Innovative Solution’s (TiS) Synopsis on IR4.0, IoT and RFID

About Us

We are group of likeminded industry professionals, from 4 different professions. Check out our web page for more information;

Our vision is to keep it simple and always user friendly for anyone that comes in contact with any of TiS systems, solutions and smart food vending machine. When we started the project late 2018 we encountered many hurdles. Today TiS has moved into the IR4.0 platform and full connectivity. We can trace everything from farm to fork. With our RFID readers we can track most product from your factory to its destination real time or sporadically. We incorporate GS1, O2O and cashless technologies in our system.

TiS have taken the Innovative solutions and market into the future by having the following processes with our members, guest, customers and suppliers;





Visibility from Farm to Fork Solutions

What is Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0)

The first Industry revolution began is the 1780’s with power generated mechanical automation. In the early 1913 the second industry revolution began with industrialization. In 1954 the third wave of the revolution came about with electronic automation. In 2015 the industry 4.0 started and we are moving rapidly in to the future with technology and AI. TiS started on their way since late 2018 to establish the IR4.0 and AI platform and today we are all this and more.

Why IR 4.0

Moving into the future, the generation that was born in the early 1990 has become a very educated group of individuals. Their parents and graduated individuals only want jobs that are high paying. Hence the “WHY” no matter which industry you’re in the work force to run is still required. Heading forward from 2020 we don’t have this work force in place and job knowledge for various industries I.e.; technical, IT, farming, ocean catch and food processing. In these areas we see IIoT will start to take over. Simple example is the censors on your new car that takes the difficult parking on to a 2D video parking.  At TiS we have realized the future in your hands, by this we mean your smart phone will become your point of order system, your communication, your transport, your knowledge and data collection center. You will also use your smart phone as your eWallet and banking system. At TiS we have taken all this AI and security systems and added it to a smart vending machine that has a microwave in it. The systems we have are real time monitored and are O2O, GS1 linked and traceable 24/7/365 in need.

When IR 4.0

The Industrial revolution and IoT era started sometime around in the 2014. 3D printing was just coming out in the market and a confectionary company capitalized on these technologies. The used 3D printers are now used in their chocolate making. At TiS we have used a lot of our technology to have traceability systems for our food, beverage and vending machine.  We are cloud bases, O2O, real time monitoring. We all know what Risk man Log, SoP, temperature logger.

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