Timbre I4 Platform Overview

Timbre I4 Platform Overview

Smart Cold Chain WMS

Real time temperature log and GPS log

Business Intelligence

Simple accessible platform with product information & online purchase features

GPS Tracking

To be able to monitor and trace down the registered product

Real Time Inventory

Product are registered with trace-ability information

Mobile Ecommerce

To do online order and offline collect at any registered machine.

Timbre Innovation Solutions

Food Factory

Main Hub

Food Truck as Mobile Hub

Last Miles Delivery

Timbre Hot Food Vending Machine


  • Dispense heated meal with built-in microwave oven within 45 sec to 60 sec.
  • Built-in automated microwave heating assures high level hygiene and halal compliance.
  • Vending with built-in cold storage 0 - 2C chill temperature.
  • Each product has a unique Traceability Code allows user to scan with mobile phone on expiry date, detail product information.
  • Built in sensors and online connection allows for 24 hours monitoring for continuous operation and quick replenishment.
  • Mobile App cater for Online Order Offline Collection and unique loyalty reward.
  • Support only e-Money and contactless Payment.

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